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Tuition Policies

Tuition must be paid in order for your student to participate in class.  Monthly installment for the school year classes are due on or before the first class of the month. We have an autopay option, which comes out on the 5th of each month.

Performance participation fees are as follows:

The Nutcracker: $75 per family participation / media fee

Spring recital: TBD 

Tuition payments more than five days late result in a late fee. You will be able to pay your invoice online, in person, or over the phone.

Tuition that remains unpaid into the following month will result in the student being unenrolled from class, and you will need to re-register and pay any past due amounts in order to continue.

That being said, we are a family business with family-minded owners. If you have a financial difficulty and need to make arrangements to pay later than the duedate, just contact us! We are happy to work with you when that's possible.

Registration fee: There is a $25 registration fee for new students (Maximum $50 per family). Continuously enrolled students (students who remain enrolled without any breaks aside from July / August) do not pay a registration fee. Brand new students, or students who have dropped and then re-enrolled pay the registration fee along with the first tuition.

Studio Policies- 

Updated for July 1, 2021 and forward. *Subject to change*

COVID-related info / new policies for health and safety.

-Masks are NOT required. You are welcome to wear a mask if you want to, but I will not be requiring it.

-The viewing room is open again, BUT...let's not pack it quite like we used to. Remember this is also the entry and exit for students. I am adding two helpful things so you don't have to stay and watch. 1) livestream through the Band app. Each class will be available to watch through Band, which only parents and students have access to. 2) Parents' weeks. There will be designated weeks for parents to come into the classroom to observe and be involved in the class. 

-Zoom will no longer be used on a regular basis. I may use it in a situation where I am sick and can't find a sub in time, or in the case of extreme weather. This will help me avoid class cancellations.

-Students who are sick may not come to ballet, but if they are feeling up to it, they can follow along with the livestream.. It is very important that students with symptoms of illness do NOT come to class. This will help us avoid spreading germs around. Makeup classes are always allowed.

-I will continue to have hand sanitizing stations in the studio.

Notes / Policies for students

-Have FUN, but do not be disruptive.

-Be CREATIVE, but do follow your teacher's directions.

-EXPRESS YOURSELF,  but stay within the guidelines of the dress code.

-Bring your best attitude and effort to class.

-Try to lift up at least one person at each class.

-Try to learn something new about someone.

-Treat your body with respect. It's working hard for you! Eat well, hydrate, and move mindfully to avoid injury.

-Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend. Encourage and be positive!

-If you need grace, (I forgot my shoes / I've had a rough day / Sorry I'm late / I need help) talk to your teacher, explain the situation, or ask for help. 

-Keep your phones silenced and in your bags. If you need it, please ask permission.

Dress Code:

*My dress code allows for a lot of creativity and preferences, but there must be some structure for safety, the teacher's ability to SEE the dancer, and to be free from distractions.


-Ballet leotard- any color or style of leotard

-Tights- pink or flesh toned (see note below)- transition tights are a must for beginning and higher.

-Ballet slippers- pink or flesh toned (see note below)- leather or canvas, split sole for intermediate 1 or higher.

Optional: ballet skirts, warmups for the start of class, shorts only occasionally (please ask).

Do not wear: hats, bulky or dangly jewelry, smart watches, warmups or t-shirts after the start of class, socks under tights, shorts unless you have permission.


-Any color t-shirt, closely fitting is best

-black leggings or mens black ballet tights (not transparent)

-black or flesh-toned ballet slippers (see note below)

-Gentlemen over 10 should wear a dance belt (groin support / protection).

***If you need an article of dancewear, talk to me. I usually have various gently used items.

Note about pink vs. flesh-toned tights.

In the past few years, the demand for a variety of flesh-toned tights and shoes has risen, and many colors are becoming widely available. when I was growing up in ballet, tights and shoes were just a part of the costume and so having a uniform color was important. But aesthetics change, and now some dancers like the tights and shoes to match the skin tone. I think this looks really stunning too! I am fine with either choice. After talking with a lot of dancers, I found various opinions on people's preferences. So I will just leave it up to you and your dancer. All I ask is that if you do pink tights, also have pink shoes. If you do flesh toned tights, get the shoes to match. The point is to have a continuous line. 

Policies for Parents and Guests

-All observers must be in the viewing room. The classroom is only open to guests during parent's week. The office (where the desk is) is not part of the viewing room. **Note, this rule has been suspended for this year, due to a need for parents to be nearby for the pre-ballet classes and Covid concerns. This may not stay this way.

-If you have other children with you, please keep them with you. Please do not allow them to play in the back room or the hallway.

-The viewing room is not soundproof. Please keep voices quiet.

-Please do not drop off your child more than ten minutes before class time without prior consent.

-Please be prompt in picking up your child from ballet class. All classes end five minutes before the listed end time to allow for putting on shoes / gathering things / transition to the next class.

If you stay to observe class:

-If you choose to observe class, we ask that you be ready to focus on watching your child. I will be involving you in the class by talking to you to explain what we are doing and why, and there may be times where you're invited to join in! 

-Pictures and videos of your own child are welcome, but please do not post pictures or videos containing other children to social media without the other parent's consent.

-This one may sound strange, but please do not correct your children while observing, even if they are acting out. I promise I'm not embarrassed or overwhelmed by their behavior. I am trying to keep their attention on me while they are super excited that Mama or Daddy are here to watch. The more they hear your voice, the less they will pay attention to mine. If the behavior does get to a point where they need a reset (not uncommon when they're excited), I'll send them over to talk with you. You can give them a pep talk and have them return, or you can have them sit with you for a few minutes to calm down. 

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