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Where to go:

All classes, including any performance week classes: Trinity Dance Prosser (719 6th street)

Dress Rehearsal: Prosser High School (upper parking lot entrance)

Picture Day: Trinity Dance Prosser studio 

Performances: Prosser High School

Special instructions for Twinkle Star students

All Twinkle Star students (2-3, 3-4, 4-5, and 5-6) will start the show in the audience with their parents. Have them dressed in their costumes, with both ballet and tap shoes in a small bag. Remember to reserve them their own seat when you purchase your own tickets (use the 3 and under free option for twinkles). When the show is about to start, one of the teachers will call them to come up on stage, and we'll take them backstage to get ready. They will perform all of their numbers within the first portion of the show. Once they're done, they'll bow and then go back to sit with parents. The hope is that you will stay and enjoy the rest of the show! But this way, if someone is too tired, you don't have to wait. We'll ask if they want to come bow in the finale too, so they can be with the "big kids". While they are backstage, my older girls will be excited to make everything magical for them!

The only exception is the few kids who have other classes besides Twinkle Star...we will keep those backstage. 

Arrival Times

For kids going backstage, please arrive by 30 minutes before the show. If they're just in one dance, arrive dressed in costume. If more than one, bring costumes so you can check the show order. 


Students need to bring their costume(s), tights (ballet pink for all kids classes except tumbling. Tumblers do not wear tights). A nude leotard is a good idea for anyone who needs to change costumes. Private dressing room space is very limited. Dance shoes WITH NAMES IN THEM. We will have all the hair accessories that go with the costumes. Adults: wear whatever has been discussed with your teacher. Water bottles are a good idea: with names on them! Please do not send candy or sugary drinks. We will have some snacks for the kiddos, but if you think they need something more, please keep it tidy and nut-free to protect some of our nut-allergic kiddos.

Adult Class Students

Because of space constraints and having all 3 adult classes performing the same nights, we will have the adult students hang out in the mezzanine while waiting to perform. You may leave your bag in the band room if you prefer, just during the show it would be best if you were not all in there. This also gives you the flexibility to leave, or to join the audience if that's your plan. 

Hair and Makeup

Hair should be in a bun. If too short for a bun, then pin / gel hair back from face. Gentlemen should have their hair tidy and off their face. Here is a good bun tutorial.

EXCEPTION: Tumblers. Tumblers should wear their hair in 1 or 2 french braids. We can turn it into a bun for other dances, but need to not have anything to hurt their head for rolls. Here is a good french braid tutorial.

No bangs, no Jane Austen curlies, no extra clips or tiaras. Super sport gel is your best friend.

Makeup: Makeup is completely up to you. I do recommend that dancers wear SOME makeup. Stage lights wash out faces, and you want to be able to see your dancer's sweet face. I recommend at least blush, lipstick, eye shadow / mascara, and eye liner if you can (little ones don't always allow it, that's ok). Try to use neutral / complimentary colors. No need to "match" the costume colors. Glitter is fine, but please apply it before coming to the school. Custodians tend to get upset with us if we use spray glitter. Clear or neutral nail polish only.

No-No's- Black or other atypically-colored lipstick, stick on crystals, eyeliner that is brightly colored or out of control. Bright nail polish. Remember, the idea is to highlight your features, not make you look like a different person. :)

Up to you: false eyelashes, glitter.

NO jewelry. No bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, nose rings, necklaces, etc. Small stud earrings are okay. This is for safety and security. We don't want anyone hurt, and we don't want any special jewelry lost. Please also remove hairties or friendship bracelets as they distract from the costume.

NO fake nails. This is a big safety hazard.

Safety and Security

With the exception of the Twinkle Stars, all performers must remain backstage for the duration of the show. We do not allow early pick ups unless there's an emergency. This is for the safety and security of our green room. We need to know who is there and who is not. 

You will check your child in, and be sure to leave a phone number in case we need to reach you.

Non-Volunteer parents are not allowed in the green room before or during the show. Again, this is for security. My volunteers need to know who should be backstage and who should not. We have your number and will definitely call you if we need your help.

After the finale, we release the students to you if you're in the audience, or to the green room to gather their things.

If someone other than the parents will be picking up children, please let us know in advance so we can watch for them. 

What if my child won't dance?

It does happen occasionally, though it's rare! Above all, we don't want this to be traumatizing for them. So I don't force a crying child to go onstage. Sometimes we'll take a few extra moments to calm them down, sometimes Mama comes up to talk to them, sometimes Teacher holds them for the first part...we try what we can, but sometimes it's best to just let them know it's okay if they don't feel brave enough to go out yet.

Sometimes, they'll go out and are dazzled by the lights, or are looking for parents, and they will just stand there and not actually dance. This is okay too. Tell them they were gorgeous. Tell them they danced beautifully. I promise it will be better next time. :)

What if my child is sick?

If your child is sick, I know it's disappointing, but please keep them home. Fever, vomiting, etc...we don't want to make them more miserable, and we don't want to get others sick. If we can work out an alternate time to perform, we will! (For example, if your child was scheduled to perform on Monday but gets sick, we can have them perform on one of the other days). And obviously, we will refund tickets. 

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