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Recital 2024 Info

Prefer a video? Here it is. :)

Note: All account balances must be paid by Wednesday, June 19, in order for the student to participate in the show. 



1. Make sure you know when your student is performing.


2. Get your tickets and share the link with your friends and family! BUY TICKETS HERE

            -Helpful info:

            -IF any tickets are available at the door, the price is $20 per ticket. We do often sell out before the day of the show. Please make sure friends and family know that buying online is the best option.

            -be sure to reserve a free 3 and under ticket for your Twinkle star ages 2-4 (the pink costume group) as they will sit with you.

           -It is best to reserve tickets on a computer, because then you can choose your seats

           -If you require a wheelchair accessible seat, please contact us at Keep in mind that rows A-E are on the ground floor, but F and higher have steps up to them.

3. Check your dress rehearsal time. Dress rehearsal is at Prosser High School. 

Dress Rehearsal is Monday, June 17. We will be very pressed for time. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time, dressed and ready to go. We will be as quick as possible. Dress Rehearsal is REQUIRED unless the student is contagiously sick.


5:00-5:45- All Twinkle Stars groups

5:45-6:15- Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Ballet 4

6:15-7:00- Tumbling classes, Tap 1 and 2, Jazz 1, “Slow Down”

7:00-7:30- Adult Ballet, Adult Jazz

7:30-9:00- Ballet 5, 6, 7 and seniors


3. Sign up for a picture day time slot. 2 5x7s are included in your recital package, you can also order more photos and gifts if you like. If you already signed up for a spot, you can check your reservation by logging in. 


4. (Optional) Reserve a Bouquet for your dancer  (Deadline is June 12). All profits from the flower sale support our ballerinas attending YAGP. 


5. If you signed up as a volunteer, check your jobs and make sure you know when you're supposed to be there. You will also receive a reminder the week of the show.




6. The evening shows all begin at 6:00, our doors typically open around 5:15. The Saturday matinee begins at 1:00, doors open at 12:15. 


What does my student need to bring to the performance?


1. Costume (see guide below). 

2. Shoes needed for dance (Twinkle Stars need both ballet and tap shoes)

3. Tights. Pink for everyone but jazz. Black for jazz. No tights for tumbling. You will receive your freebie pair this week or at dress rehearsal.

4. Hair already done, makeup already on

5. Water bottle with name on it

6. Quiet games or activities to share during waiting time.

7. Do NOT bring candy or sticky drinks. We will have some designated snack times.

8. Do NOT bring valuables. Leave jewelry at home.

9. Important: absolutely no glitter. The school has forbidden it. No spray glitter or glitter dust or glitter gel on hair or person. Please abide by this rule so that we can continue to use this facility. The Phantom costume does shed a bit. Please shake it out REALLY well before the performance.


What is the drop off / pick up procedure like?


-You can drop off students 30 minutes before the show begins. Again, the tiny Twinkles stay with parents.

-If your child needs help with hair or makeup, please send them with their own supplies and we will do it.

-Please send them ALREADY DRESSED if they only have one costume. 

-When you come in the main doors, you will go through the commons, past the bathrooms, and to the check in near the band room. Sign your child in and leave them in the care of the volunteers. Non-volunteer parents are not allowed in the band room. 

-The students must stay backstage for the whole show. We bow at the end, and this is a special time for all the dancers. For security reasons, we do not allow parents to pick up students before the end of the show unless there is an emergency.

-The students will be released directly to you at the end of the show. You can take pictures with friends and teachers at that time.

Costume Guide for each class:


Twinkle Stars ages 2-4: Pink dress and hair accessory (should be in bag). Pink tights.

Twinkle Stars 4-6: Blue dress. We have a hair accessory. Pink tights.

Mini Tumble: Unitard or boys' shirt and black shorts (boys provide own shorts)

Tumble 1: Unitard boys' shirt and black shorts (boys provide own shorts)

Tumble 2: Leotard and black shorts

Tumble 3: Leotard and black shorts or boys' shirt and black shorts (boys provide own shorts)

Beginning Jazz: Costume, hair accessory, black tights 

Tap 1: Costume, pink tights

Tap 2: Costume, boot spats, pink tights (We will have the hats).

Adult ballet: white leo, blue skirt, pink tights.

Adult Jazz: As discussed with Amanda

Ballet 1: Snow white costume (no hair accessory. We have the props). Pink tights.

Ballet 2: Green costume (We have the hair accessory). Pink tights

Ballet 3: Lavender costume and hair accessory. Pink tights.

Ballet 4: Cream / gold costume and hair accessory. Pink tights.

Ballet 5: 

     -Phantom: Purple and black costume (We have gloves and masks)

     -Only Time and Narnia: green costume and hair accessory.

     -Carly and Elena have costumes for Lucy and Tumnus.

Ballet 6:

     -Poldark, Anne, and We Fall Apart: White dress

     -Moses: black leo, pink tights, colorful tights, black shorts

     -Escape: black leo, pink tights

     -Sarah and Akira extra costumes for Anne. We have props.

Ballet 7:

     -Mermaids: blue leo, mermaid pants.

     -Earth: Black leo, overdress (check with your partner)

     -Wellerman: all your costume pieces.

     -Game On: Black leo, colorful tights, black shorts.

     -Fairies, Statues: blue dress, hair accessory

     -Little Women: white dress, or LW costume.

Seniors: Don't forget senior solo costumes

Slow Down piece: Madry, Jamie, Ella / Taylor: wear something you would wear in class. Madry and Jamie need to be on pointe.

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