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Recital 2024 Info

Prefer a video? Here it is. :)
Thursday, June 20, 600pm (2).png
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Upcoming things: 


-Costumes are arriving and will be sent home with all students who have paid in full. Please keep your costume in a safe place, preferably hanging outside of its package so that it can de-wrinkle. Please hang on to any accessories that come with your costume.


-If I send multiple costumes home, I will tell you which are the students’ to keep and which need to be returned after the performance.


-You will also be receiving one pair of tights before the show. If you are in ballet, tap, or twinkle stars, you will get ballet pink tights. You will also need BLACK tights for jazz. If you are ONLY in  jazz, you’ll receive black tights for that. Tumblers do not wear tights, but do need black shorts (let us know if your pair from the Christmas show no longer fit and we’ll order some new ones. I am getting them for new tumblers too.


-If your child has multiple costumes, it’s a good idea for them to have a nude leotard to wear underneath. This gives them privacy and ease of changing quickly. We have limited dressing room space. You can order one through our nimbly store.


-TWINKLE STAR STUDENTS: You should have received a sign up to request a performance date. Twinkle stars each perform in one show with both their tap and ballet dances. Please request your performance date by April 15 so I can set the schedule. 


Coming in May:


-Beginning of May, I will send out a signup sheet for volunteers. Volunteers receive comp tickets as a THANK YOU for helping. We need helpers both during the show and before the show.


-Tickets go on sale on Monday, May 13. We highly recommend purchasing tickets asap, as we do often sell out. Please share with friends and family when your child is performing so that they purchase the correct tickets. We do offer refunds up to 24 hours before the performance begins, you just need to contact us. There is no way to EXCHANGE tickets, so be sure if you are needing to exchange, purchase the tickets you DO want, and then request a refund for the seats you no longer need.


-There are two wheelchair access spaces available, and those can be reserved, along with the companion seat, by contacting us.


Performance Week: June 17-22


*Our last day of classes is Friday, June 14. There are no regular classes during recital week.


Dress Rehearsal is Monday, June 17. We will be very pressed for time. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time, dressed and ready to go. We will be as quick as possible.


5:00-5:45- All Twinkle Stars groups

5:45-6:15- Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Ballet 4

6:15-7:00- Tumbling classes, Tap 1 and 2, Jazz 1, “Slow Down”

7:00-7:30- Adult Ballet, Adult Jazz

7:30-9:00- Ballet 5, 6, 7 and seniors


Tuesday, June 18: Nothing scheduled.


Wednesday, June 19: Picture Day at Trinity Dance studio. Use the sign up link to choose your picture window. These are individual pictures. You receive two free 5x7s of a single pose, and then you can purchase other packages if you want.


Thursday, June 20, 6:00pm- 1st show


Friday, June 21, 6:00pm- 2nd show


Saturday, June 22, 1:00pm- 3rd show


Saturday, June 22, 6:00pm- 4th show


*Special note for Twinkle Stars parents: The youngest twinkles (peach costume) will NOT be backstage with the rest of the dancers. They will sit with parents in the auditorium (please reserve a free 3 and under ticket for them so that they have their own seat). We will call them back shortly before the show begins, and they will perform in the first part of the show, and then be released back to the parents. PLEASE stay and allow them to watch the remainder of the show if at all possible! We will have them come back up to bow in the finale with us, and take a group photo, and we want them to be included. Please ask your guests to stay and enjoy the show. It’s not very long, it’s fun and beautiful, and it’s a wonderful thing for all of the students to enjoy the applause of a full house. :) 


We did have the older twinkles also sit with parents during the Christmas show, but we will NOT be doing that this time. They will wait backstage with the other dancers.


We will have a couple of fundraisers going on to benefit Trinity Dance Ballet students who are preparing to attend YAGP next year. We usually sell flower bouquets, and this year, those profits will go to these dancers. We will also be holding a silent auction, with different items at each performance. We hope that many will participate in this!

General Policies Concerning Recital


-Tuition balances MUST be paid in full by Wednesday, June 19, in order for the student to participate in the show.


-Dress rehearsal is required unless the student is contagiously sick. It is SO important for them to have this practice and experience before the show.


-Students are to be checked in at the green room by a parent. Please bring them READY to go, hair and makeup already done, everything they need in hand. Non-volunteer parents are not allowed in the green room. 


-Students should be checked in 30 minutes before the show is scheduled to begin. There is no one there earlier than that to watch them. 


-Students may not be picked up early. This is for the safety and security of all our students. Please do not come back before the show is over.


-Students bow together at the end of the show. I will release the twinkles and younger students directly to their parents after the bows. You can then take them to collect any belongings in the green room.


-Prosser High School does NOT allow food or drinks in the auditorium. This is a very strict rule. Please help us be able to continue using this facility by abiding by their rules.

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