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Recital 2023: Fantasy and Fun!

June 22, 2023: 7:00pm

June 23, 2023: 7:00pm

June 24, 2023: 1:00pm

June 24, 2023: 7:00pm

Thursday Show: June 22


Twinkle Babies ages 2-3 (Wed class)- Tap and Ballet

Twinkle Stars ages 5-6 (Wed class)- Tap, Ballet, Tumble

ALL Tap classes (Tap 1, Tap 2, both adult tap classes)

Tumbling 1 classes

Tumbling 2 class

Adult Ballet- sleeping beauty scene

Ballet 3 and 4 (Coppelia time scene)- soloist is Liliana

Ballet 5/6 (Wed) (Giselle scene)- soloist is Abbi, Sarah, Eden

Senior Solos


Friday Show: June 23


Twinkle Babies ages 3-4 (Wed class)- Tap and ballet

Twinkle Stars ages 4-5 (Thursday class)- Tap, Ballet, Jazz

Adult Ballet (Sleeping Beauty Scene)

Ballet 5 (Monday) and Ballet 2 (Swan lake scenes)- soloist Gwen

Ballet 6 (Tues) and Ballet 1 (Le Corsaire scene)- soloist Ladonna and Molly

Ballet 7- Mistake Waltz group B

Senior Solos


Saturday 1pm show: June 24


Twinkle Babies 3-4 (Tues class)- Tap and ballet

Twinkle Stars 4-5 (Tues class)- Tap and Ballet

Ballet 5 (Wed)- Giselle scene- soloist Madeline, Sarah, Eden

Ballet 6 (Thurs)- Raymonda- Soloists TBD

Ballet 7 (Don Quixote)- soloists Cora, Hope, Gianna

Mistake Waltz group A

Ballet 3 and 4 - Coppelia- soloist Jacqueline

Senior Solos

Aida / Madry duet


Saturday 7pm show: June 24


Twinkle Babies 2-3 (Mon class)- Tap and ballet

Twinkle Stars 5-6 (Tues class)- Tap, Ballet, Jazz

Ballet 5 (Mon) and Ballet 2- Swan Lake- soloist Fiona

Ballet 6 (Thurs)- Raymonda- soloists tbd

Ballet 7 (Don Quixote)- soloists Rose, Julia, Ellie

mistake waltz- Group A/C

Ballet 6 (Tues) and Ballet 1-  Le corsaire- soloists Hannah, Sophia

*Please refer to your email for the specific show(s) in which your child will appear. Please also refer to this email for your child's assigned dress rehearsal.

Dress rehearsals: Monday and Tuesday, June 19-20, 6:00pm

Monday June 19 Dress Rehearsal:


All four tap classes (Shelly)


Ages 2-3 Twinkles x2 (Nicole and Victoria)


Ages 4-5 Twinkles x2 (Nicole and Victoria)


Coppelia (Ballet 3 and 4) (Nicole and Lindsay)


Mistake Waltz (at the end) (Nicole)


Le Corsaire (Ballet 6/7 and Ballet 1) (Nicole and Kadence)

Raymonda (Ballet 6/7)- Nicole


Two solos (Nicole)


Tuesday, June 20 Dress Rehearsal:


Tumbling 1 and 2 (Victoria)


Ages 3-4 Twinkles x2 (Victoria and Kadence)


Ages 5-6 Twinkles x2 (Victoria and Kadence)


Adult Ballet (Nicole)


Giselle (Ballet ⅚) (Nicole)


Swan Lake (Ballet 5 and Ballet 2) (Nicole and Kadence)


Don Quixote (Ballet 7) (Nicole)


3 solos (Nicole)

Dress rehearsals and performances all take place at Prosser High School.

For performances, students should arrive 30-45 minutes before the show begins. They should already be dressed and have their hair done. If you need help with hair or makeup, please let us know in advance and we'll make sure someone is ready to do that. You will need to bring your own hair and makeup supplies.

Picture Day!

Your recital fee includes two 5x7's of a single pose per student. There are also additional packages you can order. Picture day will take place on Wednesday, June 21, at Trinity Dance Prosser. You can sign up for a time slot HERE. Students come in costume. Miss Nicole will not be available to help with hair this day.

Info for First Timers

1. Dress rehearsal is mandatory and very important. Please make sure you know when your child should be there, and be there on time. The little ones will go FIRST so that they can go home early. Remember, it's at the high school, not the studio. Students can come in costume, but no biggie if not.

2. We do not allow non-volunteer parents backstage during the show. At dress rehearsal, we will show the students where they will be waiting so that it's not completely new. We will have ballet movies to watch, coloring to do, snacks, and lots of nice Big Girl Friends to spoil them and make it magical. If your child gets upset and needs you, we will contact you or bring her to you. :) 

3. Unless there's a cryer, we like to keep the little ones with us until the end of the show. They love going out for the final bow. After our finale, we have the parents of the little ones come down and pick them up directly from us. We are making sure we know where all of the dancers are at all times.

**Exception** We will be doing this differently for our 2-3 and 3-4yo students. I will send info to the parents about this and discuss at dress rehearsal.

4. If your child is SICK and has a fever on the day of the show, please don't bring them. If they are throwing up, please don't bring them. I know it's disappointing, but sickness travels very quickly during a show, so we try to keep our students and staff as healthy as possible. If it's possible to make a switch and have them perform at a later show, we will make that happen.

5. Please understand that is is very common for a first time performer to step out onstage and forget to perform their dance. :) They are dazzled by the lights, the audience, looking for you...but trust me, they are having a great time! Don't sweat it too much. We do everything we can to prepare them for their big day, but if they freeze up, no one is upset. 

Volunteer Positions

It takes a lot of volunteers to help run these shows! Volunteers are awarded with comp ticket codes that they can use for any performance. Please make sure you understand what is expected for the jobs you choose, as we REALLY need you there! 

Green Room Moms: I am going to be leaning a little more heavily on my green room moms this year. Last year was our first time in the new venue, and things were a bit more chaotic than usual. I want to make sure that we prioritize PEACE AND CALM in the green room, and that we are READY for whatever happens. Green room moms need to be able to arrive at 5pm on the evening shows, and 11am on the matinee. They need to be willing to stay to help clean up and reset afterward. This won't take long if all the volunteers do stay. When you arrive, I'll be ready with all kinds of jobs for you, and you can delegate amongst yourselves. Hoping to just have better systems in place to allow things to go smoothly.

Green room moms are awarded 3 comp tickets because it is a big job, and it means that you won't be able to watch the show you're helping with.

Backstage muscle: We will need two strong backs for the beginning of each show. After the moving of mats / pianos are done, they can go take their seats or go home if they're not watching.


Ushers: We will need two ushers per show. Your job is to help people locate their seats, as well as remind anyone you see carrying food or drinks that they absolutely CANNOT bring them in the auditorium. This job requires people who are ready to speak up and answer questions.


Snacks: We will need three people from each show to provide a snack for the students backstage. Please keep them CLEAN and avoid sugar and nuts, as I know we have a few nut allergies. These will be delivered to the green room moms, and they will distribute them as needed.

Poster distribution: When the posters arrive, we will need people to put them up!

Runners: One per show. Hangs out backstage with whoever is in charge. May need to run to find someone or something, find something out, deliver something...

*We will NOT be using the spotlight for this show.

Check your email for the signups for this!

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