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Recital Music and Practice Information

While we do practice our recital dances and variations in class, it's really important and helpful if the students practice on their own at home. I have made practice videos and posted them to the Band app for this reason. You can use Band on a phone or tablet, or also on the computer (go to If you have not yet joined our Band app, please contact Miss Nicole to get an invite code.

You can find a Recital 2022 album, with the recital dances, and a Variations album, which has all of our variations, plus some "music only" videos to use for practice.

If you want the music for our recital, here is my playlist on Spotify. Please note, the "You're a Grand Old Flag" track is SIMILAR, but not exactly the same as the one Shelly uses in tap class, so if it sounds a bit weird, that's why! I will have the real one at recital.

The only song it doesn't include is Nightsong, for the Advanced group. I have put a music only video on the Band app in the recital album that has the correct version of this song.


  1. A Few Good Friends (Pre-Ballet)

  2. Howl's Moving Castle (Primary)

  3. The Adventure Begins (Beginning 1, part 1)

  4. The World is Ahead (Beginning 1, part 2)

  5. Sky Full of Stars (Beginning 2)

  6. How Far I'll Go (Intermediate 1)

  7. Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus (Intermediate 1)

  8. Return (Intermediate 2 "Manifest")

  9. Candy Girl (Intermediate 2 pointe dance)

  10. Rescue (Intermediate 2)

  11. The Spiders (Advanced)

  12. Will and Elizabeth (Advanced pointe)

  13. Song of Time and Song of Storms (Advanced- Katherine's piece)

  14. Gale Song (Advanced 2 part 1)

  15. Introducing the Tributes (Advanced 2 part 2)

  16. I Need You (Advanced 2 part 3)

  17. The Wellerman (Advanced 2)

  18. Only the Beginning of the Adventure (Adult Ballet)

  19. Mickey Loves Mambo (Tap 4:00)

  20. Baby You've Got What It Takes (Adult tap)

  21. You're a Grand Old Flag (Tap 5:00)

  22. The Game is On (Contemporary)

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