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New Here? 
Frequently Asked Questions

June, 2022: This page will be updated soon! We are finishing up one school year and getting ready for a new one. We are not accepting new students in our main classes, but we ARE accepting summer students!

  1. What does my child need to wear for class? 


We do not have a specific dress code, and if a child comes to class in leggings and a t-shirt, that totally works too. So I’m going to share the ideal uniform, just know that any variation of that is also fine. If you’d like to read more about WHY the ideal dress code is helpful, click here.


Girls: ballet leotard of any color and style, tights (preferably pink) and ballet slippers (preferably pink). Ballet dresses and skirts are also ok. For little ones, even a t-shirt and leggings works. Ballet slippers are important because it protects them from slipping, but if you don’t have them yet, non-skid socks are ok. Hair should be in a bun if it’s long enough, clipped or headbands back from the face if it’s too short.


Boys: men’s tights (thicker, more like footed leggings) OR leggings and a t-shirt. Or shorts and a t-shirt. Black ballet slippers.


*Students will never be made to ‘sit out’ for not having all their dance clothes.


For our other classes, the same elements work just fine. For tumbling, they need bare feet. For tap, younger students need the “tyette” style of tap shoe, older students and boys need the oxford style. For contemporary, ballet slippers or socks work best.


 2. Where can I buy what I need for class?


Target usually has a good selection of dance leotards and tights. Just do not buy their ballet slippers, they are useless.

Amazon is a great option, and they carry a shoe brand called Stelle that I really like for the younger students.

You can also order through my website. I have sizing kits for ballet slippers so you can know what size and style to order.

Discount Dance Supply is another good source!


 3. I don’t know if my child will like the class or if he / she is quite ready for a class structure. Is there a way to try without committing?


Yes, if you’re uncertain about your child’s interest, we offer a free trial class. You would not need to pay the registration fee or tuition until AFTER he / she has completed the first class and you know you want to keep coming. Especially with little ones doing their first class ever, sometimes they are just not quite ready. I think it’s better to wait even just a few months, rather than forcing them to keep trying if they’re scared or not interested. Please note, we offer a free trial class opportunity in the summertime or if you register mid-year. Students that sign up during our main registration period (July-August) must pay the registration fee to hold their spot in class)


4. My 3-year-old was doing wonderfully, but today, she totally refused to participate! Should I take her out? I feel terrible!


Don’t feel terrible. This is very common with little ones. We all know that kids are thrown off by a weird nap schedule or changes at home or allergies or even just the way the wind is blowing today. I will always try to get them to warm up and rejoin the class, but it’s ok if we just need to try again next week. It doesn’t usually last. :) I may ask you to take them home if it’s a case of them making it impossible for me to teach the other children (and sometimes not letting them complete the class shows them a proper boundary that they need) but I’m not offended or bothered by it. I promise. It’ll probably be my kid next week. :)


5. My child has special needs. Is it ok for him / her to participate?


Sure! We can definitely try. As long as they can generally follow along with the class, it’s often a wonderful fit for them. Be sure to tell the instructor if there’s anything specific that will help your child. “She doesn’t like to be touched” or “He is very sensitive to loud noises” is really important information for your dance teacher to have.

6. How do I pay my tuition fees?

The best way to pay is online through the parent portal or app. You can also set up autopay, which comes out on the 5th of each month. We also accept cash or check. All fees are due on or before the 5th of each month.

7. Is it month to month? Or can I just sign up for a few months?

Our school year runs from September-June. When you sign up, you are signing up for the school year, however, you can drop classes. We do require 30 days notice. 

8. Are there performances?

Yes! We do two shows every year: one in December (The Nutcracker or another Christmas show) and one in June (Annual recital). Students are able to participate in these if they are enrolled by a certain date.

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