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Class Descriptions
2022-2023 school year
begins September 5.

Why Dance?

Dance is exercise, an art form, a pursuit. It's good for the mind, the body, and the spirit! When a student takes dance classes, he or she learns coordination, gains strength and flexibility, body and spatial awareness, rhythm and musicality. Students learn friendship skills and teamwork. They learn to gracefully take the lead and support their friends in the lead. They learn to care for their bodies, as well as to push themselves to new and exciting places. 

Ballet: Ballet is a form of classical dance that originated in Italy in the 15th century, as a type of social dancing at court. It eventually became a concert form of dance as it spread to France, Russia, and eventually the rest of the world! Ballet has grown and changed over the centuries as each area offered its own influence and method. Here at Trinity Dance, our focus is on learning ballet for the joy of it, practicing safe, correct technique, and learning about the history! Our ballet program was established in 1999. Many Trinity Dance graduates have gone on to become performers, teachers, and choreographers, but most importantly: ballet enthusiasts! The ballet program and curriculum is directed by Nicole Moscou.

Tumbling: Tumbling encompasses the floor and balance work of gymnastics. Students gain strength and coordination while practicing all kinds of movements! Our tumbling program was established in 2022, and is directed by Victoria Mendoza.

Tap: Tap is rhythm with your feet! In tap dance, the dancer wears special shoes that add a variety of sounds to the steps and music. Tap dance originated in the US in the early 18th century and was influenced by African dance and drums, as well as Irish dance. Isn't it amazing what we can create when we work together? Our tap program was established in 2022 and is directed by Shelly Best.

Jazz: Jazz dance is a little of everything! It's rhythm, technique, kicks, poses, acting...the list goes on. Jazz dance foundations came from West African dance and European social dance merging, and many great artists have continued to add new branches to the style as it has grown. Our jazz program is new this year, and is directed by Amanda House-Tapuy.

Pre-School and Primary Program

For students ages 2-6, we use Twinkle Star Dance. This excellent curriculum combines three dance genres into ONE class. This is a great way for students to learn all the foundational, age-appropriate skills while experiencing the different styles of dance! Some of the skills they learn in these classes are: Coordination, following direction, spatial awareness, strength and control, grace, rhythm and musicality, performance and memorization. Above all, we have lots of fun together!

We have two different tracks you can follow: Ballet, Tap and Tumbling, or Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. 

Twinkle Star ages 2-3- 30 min class

Twinkle Star ages 3-4 (3.5-4.5)- 45 min class

Twinkle Star ages 4-5 (4.5-5.5)- 45 min class

Twinkle Star ages 5-6- 45 min class

*We also have a toddler class for tumbling if your child needs some hands on attention from Mama. Moms or Dads participate in the Toddler Tumble class with the child, following the instructions of the teacher. This is a great way to ease in to taking classes.

Beginning Level Classes, ages 5+

Students work their way through our levels according to age and ability. Beginners are always welcome and we work to help older beginners catch up quickly so they can reach their goals. We have beginning level classes for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Tumbling

Ballet 1- ages 5-7, 45-minute class.

Ballet 2- ages 7-9, 1 hour class

Ballet 3- This is a higher beginner class, but when we have beginners 10 or older, I usually place them here. 1 hour class.

Tap 1- Ages 5-8, 45 min class, beginners welcome

Tap 2- Ages 9+ or by placement

Tumbling 1- Ages 4-7, 45 min class

Tumbling 2- Ages 8+ or by placement, 1 hour class

Beginning Jazz- Ages 6-12. This is our first year offering jazz classes! Come be a part of our growing program. 1 hour class

Intermediate / Advanced level classes

As students learn and grow, they progress through our levels! We currently have intermediate / advanced training available in Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling. All of these classes require prior experience and placement. If you have prior experience with a different studio, contact us to schedule a placement class.

Ballet 4- Twice weekly intermediate Ballet class.

Ballet 5- Twice weekly intermediate / advanced ballet class.

Ballet 6- Twice weekly advanced ballet class

Ballet 7- 3x per week advanced ballet class

Tumbling 3- One hour class, intermediate level tumbling / acro

Adult Classes

Our adult classes are so much fun! All levels, including absolute beginners, are very welcome. Our classes are formatted to allow for both beginners and experienced dancers to learn, grow, be nurtured, and challenged! Our adult classes learn choreography to participate in our shows, and this is a big part of the learning experience, however, performing is always optional. You can absolutely participate and learn without performing. (But performing is super fun!)

For the safety and security of the children enrolled in our studio, we require that all adult students have a reference, preferably from someone connected to the studio (teachers or current students), but we also accept character references. Please contact us if you have questions.

We currently have adult classes in Ballet and Jazz.

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