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Performing is a big part of what our students work towards! Our performances delight our community and share our love and art with more people every time. Performing helps students grow in confidence, independence, problem solving, and teamwork. It also gives them amazing memories that last the rest of their lives! 

This year, in the 2024-2025 School Year, we have several performance opportunities.

Christmas Showcase: This show is for Twinkle Stars, Tumbling, Tap, Jazz, and Adult classes. Rehearsals for this show will take place during class times, with possibly some run-throughs in December, depending on the performance dates. There will be two showtimes for this performance.


The Nutcracker: The Nutcracker is for all students enrolled in Ballet. Mini Ballet, Junior Ballet, and Ballet 4-7 will all learn at least one role during class time and rehearse it only in class. For example, Ballet 7 might be assigned to Snowflakes. In the past, all roles have rehearsed on Saturdays, but I think adding some roles to class times will help us not have such long days on Saturdays. Additionally, we will hold auditions for more roles. Auditions are also open to Twinkle Stars ages 4+ and Adult Ballet students. Those who audition would need to be available for Saturday rehearsals if given additional roles. 


So, to sum up, a student CAN opt to participate in the Nutcracker just with their class role, or they can do that as well as audition for additional roles. Students in Twinkle Stars or in ballet + another dance style can appear in BOTH shows if they want! The Nutcracker will be separate from the showcase, and will have four performance times. We usually double-cast it, so not everyone is in all four shows.


*Nutcracker participants to not receive a costume to KEEP. Their fees cover costume rental. 


I will have several audition times in August, and will announce those dates as soon as I know when we are performing.


June Showcase: Let’s Go to the Movies- This performance will feature Twinkle Stars, Jazz, Tap, Tumbling, and Adult Jazz. There will be 2 or 3 showtimes.


June Ballet Performance: Sleeping Beauty- This performance is for all ballet classes. We will presenting the FULL ballet! There will be two showtimes for this performance. Both the showcase and Sleeping Beauty will take place within the same week / weekend.

What is the cost to participate in the shows?

The performance and costuming fees are charged in four installments at the beginning of the school year (August, September, October, and November). The amount is calculated based on the number of classes the student is doing. These four installments cover both our Christmas and Spring shows. If you choose to opt out of one show, then you would have two installments.

**NOTE** You must opt OUT. While our performances are not mandatory, it is assumed that all students are participating unless we are informed otherwise.

Non-Performing classes do not pay a fee because they do not participate in the shows.

The enrollment cutoff to participate in the Christmas show is September 15. The enrollment cutoff to participate in the June show is January 31. Those who enroll in January pay the whole amount of the fee (equal to two installments) by January 31.

The four installments of the performance fees are calculated as follows:


One class (twice per week classes count as one)- $77

Two classes: $107

Three classes: $127

Four classes: $139.50 


These fees are per student, UP TO TWO STUDENTS. If there are more than two students in the same immediate family, the additional students have no fees, but still receive the benefits.


What is included in the performance fees for EACH student for both the Christmas as Spring shows:


  1. *NEW THIS YEAR* 2 tickets to the performance

  2. Costume to keep for each class (except for The Nutcracker, see below)

  3. Participation and all rehearsals (in class and extra, if needed)

  4. Digital videos of all performances

  5. Basic photo package (2 5x7s of a single pose)

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