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Christmas Showcase, 2024

Please use this page to find out everything you need to know about being a part of our Christmas showcase, Jingle All the Way. I will add to it as we have more information. This year's production looks a little different from past productions, so please make sure you read all the info!

How to participate

This performance will feature dances from the following classes. The classes will rehearse their pieces during class time.

All Twinkle Stars classes

Mini Tumble

Tumble 1

Tumble 2

Tumble 3

Mini Tap

Tap 1

Tap 2

Jazz 1

Jazz 2

Adult Jazz

Adult Ballet

Important Info

This show is running in the same weekend as The Nutcracker.

December 5: 

The Nutcracker Cast A: 7pm

December 6:

Jingle All the Way: 5:00pm

The Nutcracker Cast B: 7:00pm

December 7:

The Nutcracker Cast A: 10:00am

The Nutcracker Cast B: 2:00pm

Jingle All the Way: 7:00pm

Younger students will perform in only one of the two shows, and older students may perform in both. We will have a more specific schedule as the time gets closer.



Performance fees for both our Christmas and June shows are paid in advance at the beginning of the school year. They are charged in installments in August, September, October, and November. These fees apply to all classes and allow students to participate in either or both the Christmas Showcase and The Nutcracker, and either or both the June showcase and Sleeping Beauty.

1 weekly class (Ballet 4-6 count as 1): Total fees: $308 ($77 installment)

2 weekly classes (Ballet 7 counts as 2): Total fees: $428 ($107 installment)

3 weekly classes: Total fees: $508 ($127 installment)

4 weekly classes: Total fees: $558 ($139.50 installment)

*These fees apply to each student, up to 2 students from the same family. Additional students in the same immediate family do not pay fees, but receive the same benefits.

What's Included

  1. *NEW THIS YEAR* 2 tickets to the performance (given as a coupon code, must still be reserved)

  2. Costume to keep for each class (except for The Nutcracker, which is costume rental)

  3. Participation and all rehearsals (in class and extra, if needed)

  4. Digital videos of all performances

  5. Basic photo package (2 5x7s of a single pose)

*If a student is in both the Christmas showcase and The Nutcracker, they receive an additional 2 tickets.

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