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Tuition Rates

Our tuition rates are based off of an annual fee, split into 10 equal installments. The price doesn't change when there are more or fewer weeks in a month. The first month of our school year is August, and the last month is June. There are no regular classes from November 27, 2024-January 5, 2025. There is no tuition installment in December.

These are the installment amounts for each type of class.

30- minute class: $60

45-minute class: $70

1-hour class: $80

1.5-hour class: $90

2-hour class: $100

Adult classes: $70

We offer a multi-class discount. For a single student, your second class receives a 25% discount, your third class receives a 50% discount, and your fourth class receives a 75% discount. There is no charge for classes exceeding 4. 

The fourth student in the same immediate family (and beyond) have no tuition charges.

Registration Process

When you register for Summer classes, you must pay the full fee at the time of registration.

When you register for the school year, you must pay the first month's tuition installment, plus a $65 registration fee per student. (Exception: there is no registration fee for adult classes, toddler tumble, pre-ballet, or beginning ballet).

You must register online, using our parent portal. 

If the class you want is full, you can add yourself to the waiting list (no charge). Spots do often open up in classes.

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds for no-shows or dropping class prior to the start of class. If you need to change your class time, you can request a transfer. 

Obviously, there are exceptions for emergencies, and you can contact us to discuss.

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