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2024-2025 Pre-Registration Info
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2024-2025 School Year: Registration Opens May 1st for current students


Information for current / returning students.


*There is a lot of information here. Please do take the time to read it so that you can make the best decisions for your child. We release this info as early as possible because we know families are juggling multiple activities and schedules, and we want you to be able to consider what we are doing.


Class Placement:


If you haven’t already, you should soon receive your class options for next year. Class placement is based on age, experience, and / or skill level. You will also be able to see what additional classes are available to your child, in case you’re looking for other options.


What is New in 2024-2025?


Start Date: August 5, 2024


We do usually start either the last week of August or the first week of September. We received a lot of feedback about classes in December being really hard for people to attend, and additionally, there are only two weeks in general. It’s also really difficult for me to juggle all the preparations for shows, PLUS regular classes. Starting in August also makes us feel less cramped for preparing for our Christmas Shows. Depending on what those performance dates are, we may have a couple of pick-up rehearsals in December, but not actual classes. There will be NO TUITION INSTALLMENT IN DECEMBER. 


Registration Process:


When registering for a class, the first month’s tuition must be paid at the time of registration. Since we are starting in August, when you pre-register, you are paying for August. This is new, but the reason we are doing this is that we had a large number of people register during the “free” promotional period, hold a spot in class, and then never show up, or drop right before classes started. This is a big problem when the class is full and we’ve been turning people away from it. So just to make sure everyone that registers really does want to be there, we are requiring pre-payment.


Pre-payment is not refundable if you do not show or decide to drop. There are exceptions to this, and you can contact us to discuss if needed. If you want to change your class from one to another, we can transfer it, but please do this before July 15 to avoid additional charges.


Registration Fee


There is a $65 registration fee per student. 


EXCEPTION: There is no registration fee or dancewear pack for students registering for Toddler Tumble, Pre-Ballet, or Beginning Ballet, as these are short-term, come-and-go, non-performing classes with no dress code requirements. There is also no registration fee or dancewear pack for adult ballet or adult jazz.


Pre-Registration Gift: DANCEWEAR PACKS


To all who register before July 15, you will be given a dancewear pack (Value around $140) at no additional cost. The dancewear pack includes:

  1. A leotard or dance dress of your choice

  2. One pair of tights

  3. One pair of dance shoes (ballet flats, tap shoes, or jazz shoes)

  4. A Trinity Dance Prosser t-shirt


The dancewear packs will be ordered July 15 in order to have them in time for the start of the school year. You will have many opportunities to stop in and get fitted for dancewear / shoes and place your order preferences before July 15. You can also order any additional dancewear that you need at that time.


Those who register after July 15 will be responsible for ordering their own dancewear and shoes at the usual prices.


EXCEPTION: Students who are ONLY in tumbling have a different dancewear pack. They would choose a tumbling leotard or shirt, shorts, a Trinity Dance Prosser t-shirt, and a surprise. :) 


Performances and Related Fees:


We also received feedback that the performance costs were too split up, and people wanted to be able to better plan for costs involved with the performances. For our side, we are running into problems with securing costumes later in the year. By the time we order in March / April, many are out of stock or backordered until July, and it can be really hard to find what we need. So we’re going to streamline it a little. We also reworked the pricing a bit so that it’s not as hard on families with multiple kids and multiple classes.


Performance participation is always optional, but you must OPT OUT. The vast majority of our students do participate, so unless you tell us otherwise, you are signed up to participate in the shows.


We do have currently three non-performing classes. Toddler Tumble, Pre-Ballet, and Beginning Ballet do not learn dances to perform in our shows. These are great classes to join if you know you don’t want to perform, or that you know you’re going to only participate for a month or two and then take a break. There are no extra fees associated with this class. Pre-Ballet and Beginning Ballet students who are ages 4+ MAY audition for The Nutcracker and participate in that with Saturday rehearsals. In this case only, a performance fee would be charged.


The four installments of the performance fees are calculated as follows:


One class (twice per week classes count as one)- $77

Two classes: $107

Three classes: $127

Four classes: $139.50 


These fees are per student, UP TO TWO STUDENTS. If there are more than two students in the same immediate family, the additional students have no fees, but still receive the benefits.


What is included in the performance fees for EACH student for both the Christmas as Spring shows:


  1. *NEW THIS YEAR* 2 tickets to the performance

  2. Costume to keep for each class (except for The Nutcracker, see below)

  3. Participation and all rehearsals (in class and extra, if needed)

  4. Digital videos of all performances

  5. Basic photo package (2 5x7s of a single pose)


The performance fees for BOTH our Christmas and June shows will be split into four installments and paid at the beginning of the year. One installment in August, September, October, and November. And then no more performance-related fees.


*If you do not know if you will participate in the June show, that’s ok. You can opt out for it at the start of the year, and then opt in if you decide it will work and pay the fee in January. However, it is very important that you tell us by January 31 if you are opting in.


What performances are we doing?


Exciting shows! While we are technically doing four shows this year, I want to be clear that if a student is in both Christmas shows and both spring shows, there are still just the same four installments. 


I have been told that I can set my dates in May! I will announce the dates and post on the website for all of the shows as soon as I have them. 


Christmas Showcase: This show is for Twinkle Stars, Tumbling, Tap, Jazz, and Adult classes. Rehearsals for this show will take place during class times, with possibly some run-throughs in December, depending on the performance dates. There will be two showtimes for this performance.


The Nutcracker: The Nutcracker is for all students enrolled in Ballet. Mini Ballet, Junior Ballet, and Ballet 4-7 will all learn at least one role during class time and rehearse it only in class. For example, Ballet 7 might be assigned to Snowflakes. In the past, all roles have rehearsed on Saturdays, but I think adding some roles to class times will help us not have such long days on Saturdays. Additionally, we will hold auditions for more roles. Auditions are also open to Twinkle Stars ages 4+ and Adult Ballet students. Those who audition would need to be available for Saturday rehearsals if given additional roles. 


So, to sum up, a student CAN opt to participate in the Nutcracker just with their class role, or they can do that as well as audition for additional roles. Students in Twinkle Stars or in ballet + another dance style can appear in BOTH shows if they want! The Nutcracker will be separate from the showcase, and will have four performance times. We usually double-cast it, so not everyone is in all four shows.


*Nutcracker participants to not receive a costume to KEEP. Their fees cover costume rental. 


I will have several audition times in August, and will announce those dates as soon as I know when we are performing.


Students who appear in both the Christmas Showcase and The Nutcracker will receive two additional free tickets to use.


If you have never done The Nutcracker with us, feel free to reach out with questions! 


June Showcase: Let’s Go to the Movies- This performance will feature Twinkle Stars, Jazz, Tap, Tumbling, and Adult Jazz. There will be 2 or 3 showtimes.


June Ballet Performance: Sleeping Beauty- This performance is for all ballet classes. We will presenting the FULL ballet! There will be two showtimes for this performance. Both the showcase and Sleeping Beauty will take place within the same week / weekend.


To sum up finances now: 


Due at time of registration: $65 registration fee, plus 1st month (August) tuition installment. 


Due in August: performance installment #1


Due in September, October, and November: tuition + performance installment #2, #3 and  #4


Due in December: NOTHING


Due in January-June: tuition installments only.

We are looking forward to another great year at Trinity Dance Prosser!

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