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Trinity Dance Benton City

We are so excited about the opening of our new sister studio in Benton City. Our plan is to help this program grow into a full-fledged studio, so though we are starting small, we are willing to add and to grow according to the needs of the community.

If you don't see a class that is a good fit for your child, please reach out! We are still adding and planning things, so if there is interest for a certain class, we want to try and make it happen!

At this time TDBC will hold classes in Ballet, as well as Twinkle Star Dance classes. Twinkle Star is an excellent curriculum that provides combo classes for children up to the age of six. In every class, students get to learn elements of Tap, Ballet, and Jazz. 


2023-2024 Classes

We have begun the year with one full class, but are waiting on enrollment in the others. We need five students enrolled for a class to begin. Please register for the class (You will not be charged until the class actually begins) so that we know we can get started!

All of these classes are suitable for beginners and experienced dancers alike. Tuition installments are $55.00 per month.


3:30-4:15- Twinkle Star Dance ages 4-6 (Still forming)

4:15-5:00- Twinkle Star Dance ages 3-4 (Still forming)

5:00-5:45- Ballet 1- ages 6-8 (Still forming)


3:30-4:15- Ballet 2 (Ages 9-12)- Still forming

4:15-5:00- Twinkle Star ages 4-6 (FULL)

5:00-6:00- Teen Ballet (Ages 13-18)- Still forming


Our school year begins in September and goes through June. We often have different options for the summer. This year, we are doing some Princess Ballet Camps in August, and possibly a camp for students ages 9+ (contact us if you're interested in this!)


Right now, TDBC students will perform in the big shows with our Prosser studio. We put on two amazing performances every year: a Christmas show in December, and an end-of-the-year recital in June. We try to have both of those dates set in September so families can plan. For the Christmas show, every other year we put on The Nutcracker, and students have an opportunity to be a part of that! This year is a Christmas Showcase. Participation is not mandatory, but most students do participate. It's a wonderful opportunity for students to share what they've learned.

Meet The Team

Kadence Nieman- Instructor

Miss Kadence has trained under Trinity Dance owner and ballet director Nicole Moscou since she was twelve years old. She always loved assisting with classes, and has since turned her love of dance and children into a gift of teaching! She is certified in Twinkle Star Dance curriculum, and is in continuous training and mentorship with Nicole. She teaches proven ballet curriculum designed by Nicole Moscou, and fosters an encouraging, warm environment in which her students can grow.

Nicole Moscou- Owner / Director
Micah Moscou- Owner / Admin

Nicole Moscou has been teaching ballet in Prosser since 1999, and her flagship studio opened in 2003. She has trained in numerous curriculums and methods, including ABT National Training Curriculum, Twinkle Star Dance, and Progressing Ballet Technique. Her goal is to teach her students technically sound, safe ballet that brings out their joy! She firmly believes that ballet is an art and a discipline that can be learned and enjoyed by all. She is SO excited for this new "little sister" studio, and hopes to bless the community of Benton City with an awesome dance program.

Micah Moscou married Nicole in 2006 and immediately dove into helping her run the business. As their family grew, so did the studio, and in 2015, Micah joined Nicole to work the business full time. Micah is most often behind the scenes, but he loves to be there to support his wife, as well as the teachers and students that make up the studio family.

Micah and Nicole have four children and make their home in Prosser.

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